It-doesnt-matter-if-youOnce upon a time, there was a shepherd who had 10 sheep.

Every night, they would happily sleep in a field together, until one night something went wrong.

When the shepherd came to gather the sheep in the morning, there was one missing.

The next night the nine remaining sheep went to sleep, but once again, when the shepherd returned in the morning one was missing.

The sheep were getting worried, so the next night, Seamus the sheep kept one eye open to see what was happening.

What Seamus saw was astonishing!

Just after midnight, one of the sheep started unzipping his wool, revealing a wolf underneath.  The wolf approached one of the sleeping sheep, and quietly killed and ate it, before putting his sheep costume back on and going back to sleep.

Seamus was still shivering with fear, when the shepherd returned to inspect his flock.

When he discovered that another sheep was missing, he asked the flock if they had seen what happened, but Seamus, chose to say nothing.

The next night, Seamus decided to sleep as far away from the wolf-sheep as possible.  The wolf-sheep woke up and the closest sheep was killed and eaten, leaving just 6 sheep left.

The next few nights, he did the same, until there were only two sheep left, him and the wolf-sheep.

That morning, the shepherd arrived to find just two sheep.

Again, he asked what could possibly be going wrong, and this time Seamus told him what had been happening.

Outraged, the shepherd managed to catch the wolf-sheep and kill it.  When he returned to his lone sheep, he asked him why he didn’t speak up sooner.

“I didn’t think that it was any of my business, so I just kept quiet.  I was hoping that the wolf would eventually get sick of sheep and go away by himself,” Seamus said, looking slightly embarrassed as he spoke.

The shepherd shook his head in exasperation, “Seamus, wolves are wolves.  They don’t stop, they don’t change and they don’t go away by themselves.  They need someone to speak up so that they can be dealt with, because next time, you could be their dinner.”

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of wolves.

People who have a warped view of the world and think that it is their right to treat others poorly.

Whether it’s sexual harassment, bullying, threatening behaviour or other misuses of power, we need people to have the courage to stand up and say, “Enough!”

And it doesn’t matter if you are the victim or not, if you see something, say something.

Let’s rid the world of wolves.

Thanks to one of my readers, Ammar, who requested a story on this subject for a presentation that he is giving next week.

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