Yes-there-are-risks-inTom was visiting Dwyer for his regular catch up.

He was unsure about the future and wanted greater certainty about the next step.

“I know that it’s what I need to do, but what if it doesn’t work?  What if I fail?  What if it’s an unnecessary risk?  What if I’m better off staying where I am?”

Dwyer looked at his protegé with a smile and asked Tom, “Have you ever seen the wildebeest migration?”

“The what?”  Tom responded.  He was used to Dwyer’s strange questions, but this one took him by surprise.

“In Africa every year, hundreds of thousands of wildebeest migrate to find better pasture.  On their travels, they come to fast flowing rivers full of huge crocodiles waiting for a hearty meal.  They stand on the river bank, knowing what’s waiting for them and they have a decision to make.  Do we stay here, where there is no food, or do we take the crocodile gauntlet, taking a risk to get to the greener meadows beyond?

“And then they go.  They understand the risks ahead of them, but also know the consequences of remaining where they are.  Wildebeest look like dopey animals, but I suspect that they are smarter than they look.”

Tom nodded his head, got up from his seat and went to the door knowing what he had to do.

Yes, it would be risky.

No, there weren’t any guarantees that it would work.

But to do nothing was no longer an option.

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