Its-time-to-choose-faithBefore a comedian takes the microphone, he needs to have faith in his material, not be fearful that no-one will laugh.

Before a tight-rope walker steps onto the rope, he needs to trust his training and technique, not be afraid of falling.

Before a leader launches an innovative initiative, she needs to believe that it will work, not have her mind dominated by lingering doubts.

Before a pilot takes off, he needs to know that the plane will get off the ground safely, not suspect that there will be issues.

Before a football player takes a crucial penalty, he needs to have conviction that the ball will end up in the back of the net, not worry about the implications of a miss.

And before you launch into your goals this year, you have to act in faith, believing in your skills and the purpose to which you have been called, not be fearful of the consequences of failure.

It’s time to choose faith, not fear!

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