There-has-to-be-a-firstOxpeckers are amazing birds.

They are a small bird, only about 20 cm long, who get all of their food from landing on large mammals and consuming ticks and other small parasites.

Birds are normally flighty and timid, but these guys are incredibly brave, landing on antelopes, wildebeest, cattle and even elephants to gather their food.

But how did it start?

Who was the first oxpecker?

Which bird decided that seeds weren’t getting the job done and thought that maybe there were better options on the back of an impala?

Because there had to be a first.

There had to be a trailblazer.

There had to be one who took the risk and told everyone else that it was going to be OK.

Perhaps there is something that you are scared to do.

You suspect that it would be a great opportunity, but you don’t know if can be done.

And there are others around you who are just as timid.

You can be the first oxpecker.

You can be the trailblazer.

You can change the world.

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