The-right-words-are-aAfter a terrible week of results for Manchester United, midfielder Juan Mata wrote on his blog, “Words are not enough… and the only thing to turn that anger into happiness is through good results, not words.”

He’s right.

He can say that they will improve, or they can actually perform better on the pitch.

As a fan, that’s what I want to see, but as a coach, I can see the application in a broader sense.

We can all say that we want to live a great life and be successful, or we can do the hard work required to live a great life and be successful.

We can all say that we love our kids and spouses, or we can act in love towards them.

We can all say that we’re sorry, or we can change our behaviour.

We can all say that we want the world to be a better place, or we can take the action required to make the world a better place.

The right words are a good place to start, but words are not enough.

You will be judged by your actions.

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