There-is-a-way-Its-theYou can’t bank on being an overnight success.

You can’t assume that you will achieve your goals through one solitary action.

There’s no point looking at the achievements of others and think that you will catch them in a moment.

Some people get frustrated by this.

They think that if it can’t happen with minimal effort, then what’s the point in trying?

So they look for short-cuts and hacks, spending their days dreaming of instant outcomes and getting nowhere.

But there is a way.

It’s the long way.

It’s the arduous way.

It’s the persistent, inexorable way.

It’s the anonymous, hard-working, honing your craft when no-one’s looking way.

It’s the only way!

It won’t happen overnight.

But if you stay focused and don’t give up, you will get there.

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