19-years-ago-we-said-I19 years ago today a wonderful adventure started.

A beautiful, bonnie lass from Glasgow walked down an aisle in a chapel in Melbourne and for some strange reason agreed, in front of our family and friends, to be my wife.

6 weeks later, the adventure continued when Karen and I moved to the obscure, remote mining town of Karratha in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  For two years, we spent our honeymoon in isolation and 45 degree heat (that’s in Celsius for my American friends).  We had the privilege and challenge of managing a domestic violence refuge and pastoring a small church.  We were way out of our depth, but we learned a lot about each other and life.

The adventure continued for almost a year in Rockingham, just south of Perth, where we made the very difficult decision to leave the Salvation Army, the church we had grown up in and worked for.  It was a tough year, but we stuck together and moved across the country back to Melbourne to be closer to Karen’s family as her dad had just received a kidney transplant.

And so our adventure went on, working hard and carrying on with life, until we received the very exciting news that after a long time of trying, we were expecting our first child.  We traipsed around the UK for a few weeks while Karen was pregnant and then in March 2005, we became parents with the birth of little Hayden.

A couple of years later, we found out that we were expecting again, but to our surprise, there were two heartbeats during an early scan.  Twins!  I can still vividly remember the drive home that day as we tried to plan for an almighty shift in our lives.  Madison and Logan were born in November 2007 and our adventure became a bleary eyed one as we (somehow) survived the early years of two babies.

It’s been one hell of a ride, with new houses, new jobs, new dogs, starting a business, one or two mild disagreements, many more fierce arguments, a lot of prayer and a wonderful life of love that we have created for ourselves.

19 years ago, we said “I do” and committed ourselves to a lifetime of love and adventure.  I am so blessed to have married my best friend and the person who knows me best.

And the adventure continues.

We’re not done yet and the best is yet to come.

God couldn’t have chosen a better travelling companion for me and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us next.

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