Dont-wait-any-longerI’ve met too many people over the years who have waited for the perfect opportunity only to look back 10 years later and realise that they could have started much sooner and made much more progress.

So today I want to encourage you to stop hesitating and take action.

Whatever you’re meant to be doing with your life, don’t wait until next year.

Don’t wait for an imaginary green light.

Don’t wait until all of your circumstances are perfect.

Don’t wait until everyone agrees with you.

Don’t wait until it’s safe.

Don’t wait until the stars align.

Don’t wait until the kids are older, the mortgage is paid off and you have more time and money on your hands.

Don’t wait until you have more experience.

Just start now.

Start small if you have to, but start now.

Do something, anything that will get you closer to your goal.

Make a call, make a connection, make progress.

Build courage, build a reputation, build momentum.

Press publish, press send, press play.

There will always be excuses for not starting.

There will always be a reason for remaining right where you are.

The voice of fear will always recommend hesitating.

But there’s another voice inside you that knows what you should be doing with your life, so please, please, please don’t wait any longer.

You don’t want to be that person in 10 years time who looks back with regret.

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