No-matter-how-chaoticI walked into my 8 year-old daughter’s room the other night and saw nothing but carnage.

Clothes, toys and random bits of paper were strewn everywhere.  I want to say it was like a bomb had hit it, but I’ve seen explosions on TV and they look much neater than her room.  It was an unbelievable mess and I was about to tell her off when I saw her lying sound asleep on her bed.

Everything around her was crazy, but she looked typically peaceful and lovely, completely oblivious to the mayhem she had created.

I walked out with a smile, not because of the chaos, but because of the beauty in the midst of it.

I don’t know what your situation is.  Hopefully life is treating you well, but perhaps not.

But let me encourage you today.

No matter how chaotic your life is, there is beauty.

No matter how desperate, there is hope.

No matter how lonely, we are cheering you on.

In dark times, you have to look for the beauty.

Sometimes you have to look really hard.

But it is there, waiting to be recognised.

Waiting to make you smile again.

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