Im-going-to-take-a-stepI’m going to take a step today.

It may be a normal step.

Or it could be a leap.

Maybe just a shuffle.

But it will be a step nevertheless.

It will be a positive step.

Hopefully in the right direction, but if not I can adjust as I go.

I intend to make it with boldness.

But there’s every chance that my foot will be shaking in fear.

But it will be a step nevertheless.

Of course one step won’t be enough.

I will need to make this decision every single day if I am to get to my destination.

There will be days when I have a spring in my step.

And days when I feel as though I have a stone in my shoe.

At times, I won’t be sure if I’m making progress, but I will take another step today.

And again tomorrow.

And I will get there in the end.

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