You-may-be-imperfect-butYou have flaws.

You have idiosyncrasies.

There are still aspects of your life that you can improve.

I’m not saying this to be mean, it’s just reality.  We all have such faults.

But they don’t disqualify you from living your purpose.

You may be imperfect, but you’re not inadequate.

Despite your flaws, you still have what it takes to live your best life.

Despite your frailties, you also have strengths and the potential to do marvelous things.

And despite what your critics may say, you are enough.

It’s tempting to look at the success of others and think of them as perfectly gifted, but they are just like you and I, imperfect, yet aware that they are also adequate.

Instead of focusing on their faults, making excuses for doing nothing with their lives, they are conscious of their capabilities and understand that they have all that they need to achieve their life’s purpose.

Human, yet made in the image of God.

Flawed, yet able to be forgiven for past mistakes.

Imperfect, yet adequately equipped for the task ahead.

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