Its-great-to-pray-ItsA farmer and his family were experiencing a period of extreme drought.

In frustration, the farmer gathered his family around the breakfast table and prayed, “God, please make it rain soon, we so desperately need it to survive.”

After he had finished, the farmer got up from the table and went to leave the house.

“Dad, where are you going?”  his 6 year-old daughter asked.

“I’m going out to inspect the damaged crops.  Why?”

“Take an umbrella,” she advised.

“Don’t be silly,” the farmer replied, “it hasn’t rained in months.”

“Yes, I know, but we just prayed for rain.  Don’t you believe that God can answer our prayers?”

The farmer looked at the umbrella next to the open door.

He look out at the cloudless sky.

He looked at his daughter’s innocent face.

He sensed a voice speaking within him.

“It’s great to pray.  It’s better to believe that your prayers can come true.  But what I want is for you to act in anticipation of the miracle that you are after.”

The farmer walked up to his daughter, kissed her on the forehead and then picked up the umbrella on his way out the door, twirling it in his hand as he walked down the path.

Today, I don’t really care about what your prayers are.

Or even if you think that they can come true.

I just want to know.  Are you acting as if your prayers will be answered and there is a miracle in store for you?

Pray, and take an umbrella.  That’s real faith.

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