You-can-rise-again-YouSometimes, it feels as though life just kicks you in the head.

Everything’s going swimmingly until out of nowhere, it all spins out of control.

And then you’re lying on the ground, blood spilling from your nose, eyes all blurry, with everyone watching.

Some people were waiting for this moment and laugh.

Some are as surprised as you are and express their sympathy.

But none of that matters, all you know is that it hurts like hell.

In that moment, you have a choice.

You can stay there.




Or you can muster all of your strength and stagger to your feet.

You can rise again.

You can return to the fray.

You can inspire us with your resilience.

Getting kicked in the head doesn’t define the winners and losers.  It happens to us all sometimes.

But our response does define our status.

The champions always get back up.

Will you?

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