Its-time-to-move-fromA house isn’t a house on paper.

You can have the best architect in the world come up with an extraordinary and innovative design, but you can’t live in a sketch.

There comes a time when you need to lay the foundation, put up a frame and start laying some bricks.

Your life is similar.

You can have the best goals, the most inspiring aspirations and the most amazing dreams.

You can even write them down and have a plan.

But until you start building, they’re useless.

I know it’s harder to build than to dream.

There’s a cost involved that you have to be willing to pay.

And for a range of reasons, the final result doesn’t always look like the original design.

But it’s time to move from the design phase to the building phase.

Most people have dreams.

Most people don’t act on them.

Don’t be most people.

Take action and start building today.

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