Go-to-them-Dont-wait-forEvery now and then I have horrible flashbacks to my old high school dances.

As an awkward teenager (as opposed to the awkward middle-aged geezer that I am now), I was one of those kids who stood against the wall, looking sheepishly at the girls on the other side of the school gym, hoping that one of them would wander over and ask me to dance.

It never happened.

What I didn’t realise until much later in life is that those same girls were possibly looking sheepishly at me and my awkward mates, waiting for one of us to go to them.

We craved the interaction, but needed the other party to take the initiative, too scared and embarrassed to take tat important first step.

The days of high school dances are long gone (thank God), but there is still a need for people courageous enough to take the initiative.

We all need encouragement, so take the first step and encourage others.  In doing so, others will be more likely to reciprocate.

We all need to feel valued, so take the first step and show how much you value the people around you.  In doing so, you are more likely to hear about how valued you are.

We all need love, so take the first step and act in love towards others.  In doing so, you are making yourself available to be loved in return.

Go to them, don’t wait for them to come to you.

And don’t do these things just to have them returned to you,.  That can come across as desperate, needy and all kinds of weird.

Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Do it to change the mood of the people around you.

Do it because others are waiting for someone else to take the initiative.

Do it, and change the world.

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