The-first-million-is-theI’ve heard it said by successful entrepreneurs that making the first million dollars is the hardest.

Once they’ve found a strategy that works, a product that sells and done the work, it’s easier to replicate in the future.

Thus, the second million may only take half as long as the first to accumulate and the momentum continues to grow from there.

I wish that I could tell you from experience that it’s true, but I’ll have to take their word for it.

I don’t have a million dollars, but this week this humble little blog passed a million views.

It has taken five and a half years of faithfully putting my ideas and thoughts out there in an attempt to inspire and encourage people.  I’m grateful to everyone who has stumbled upon my little corner of the internet and even more grateful to those who have stayed.

It has been a long journey so far and every week I wrestle with what to write, but I’ve finally made it to this milestone and I’m rapt.  The traffic continues to grow from year to year and so far in 2015, I am averaging about 30% more views than in 2014.

I just hope that the first million is the hardest and the next doesn’t take quite as long.

Thanks for your support along the way and have an awesome day!

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