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Suffer-today-and-benefitSuffer today.

Sweat and bleed.

Do the work now.

Focus on long-term success, not short-term comfort.

Push yourself.

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Dont-know-what-youreDon’t know what you’re meant to be doing with your life?

It’s time to find out.

Don’t know what your skills are?

It’s time to find out.

Don’t know how you can make the world a better place?

It’s time to find out.

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Dreams-are-lovely-nobleWe focus on dreams with our eyes closed, but we move towards our goals with our eyes wide open.

We go to bed with our dreams, but our goals get us up in the morning.

Dreams are passive, goals are active.

Dreams are in our head, goals are on paper.

Dreams linger for years, goals get done.

Dreams make us feel comfortable, goals ensure that we are uncomfortable enough to start moving.

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There-was-a-lot-of-whatI recently read a fantastic interview with Richmond AFL footballer, Ivan Maric, who said of his upbringing, “There was a lot of what I call “invisible learning” through seeing my parents work really, really hard to pay our school fees and put food on the table.”

What a great phrase.  Invisible learning.

Every child does it.

You can tell your children about the value of hard work and discipline, but it’s how hard your kids see you work that matters.

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There-are-other-giftsAt birthdays and Christmas, it’s normal to receive gifts from our family and friends.

They come beautifully wrapped, but we don’t leave them that way.  We express our gratitude to the gift giver and tear off the wrapping.

If it’s an article of clothing, we try it on (unless it’s underwear, but I digress).

If it’s a toy for the kids, they can’t wait to play with it (and quite possibly break it, but again, I’m off topic).

If it’s an appliance, we plug it in and see how it works.

Whatever it is, the order is the same – gratitude, remove wrapping, utilise.

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Your-future-depends-onYour future depends on many things…

The economy,

Your boss,

Global peace or conflict,

Avoiding random violent crimes,

The attitudes of the people around you,

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We-need-to-say-goodbyeAuthor of The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho, recently shared this story of a philosopher  strolling through the forest with a disciple, discussing the importance of unexpected encounters.

According to the philosopher, everything around us provides us with an opportunity to learn or to teach.

At that moment, they passed the gate of a small farm which, although well situated, appeared to be extremely run down.

“Just look at this place,” said the disciple. “You’re quite right. What I learn from this is that many people live in Paradise, but are not even aware that they do and continue to live in the most miserable conditions.”

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The-Grind-Comes-BeforeIt’s easy to look at successful people and think that it all came easy for them.

We look at high profile athletes and curse their damned perfect genes, forgetting that they’ve trained for years, maintained a disciplined lifestyle and worked harder than their opposition to get where they are.

We look at famous singers and wonder how they got so lucky, without being aware of the years spent performing in dingy bars perfecting their craft.

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Are-you-focusing-on-theI live in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

It’s a city that has a reputation for unpredictable and often inclement weather.  The phrase “four seasons in one day” is often used to describe it and it’s not too much of an exaggeration.

We don’t have weather forecasters, just good looking people who give us a vague and often wildly apocryphal description of the conditions we will be experiencing in the next few days.

It’s not uncommon to leave the house in a t-shirt on a perfect sunny morning, only to need a jacket and umbrella by lunch-time.

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The-next-24-hours-areThe next 24 hours are full of remarkable possibilities.

If you look carefully enough, you can see a host of opportunities available to you to make the world a better place and create a better future for yourself.

This could be the day that you take steps towards launching your own business, getting in shape or sorting out your finances.

This could be the day that you learn a new skill that will be useful in the future.

This could be the day that you use to catch up with a trusted mentor.

This could be the day when you are a trusted mentor.

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