We-dont-need-you-to-beWithout a trombone, an orchestra isn’t quite the same.

Without a bassoon, it seems to be missing something.

If there’s no piccolo, certain pieces of music are blander.

And if the timpani are missing, there’s less drama and intensity.

Of course, orchestras are huge and if one violin player isn’t there, everyone just moves one seat to the right to pick up the slack.

One musician, no matter how brilliant, doesn’t make an orchestra.

And one musician, no matter how brilliant, doesn’t break an orchestra through their absence.

But if more and more parts are missing, it ceases to be an orchestra.

It isn’t what it’s meant to be any more.

We don’t need you to be the entire orchestra.

No one can do everything.

And no one should try to be something that they are not.

You have certain skills, passions and perspectives, that if used properly can make a positive difference in the world.

We just need you to play your part and we need you to play it well.

Just imagine if we all did that.

Now that would really be something.

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