We-want-it-all-now-butA successful business isn’t achieved through one transaction, it happens one sale a time.

A marathon isn’t run all at once, it’s run one step at a time.

A great relationship isn’t forged in a moment, it builds one interaction at a time.

A captivating musician isn’t born the first time an instrument is picked up, it’s developed one scale at a time.

A beautiful garden doesn’t grow overnight, it is nurtured one day at a time.

An inspiring speaker or blogger doesn’t change the world on the first attempt, but does so one message at a time.

We want it all now, but whatever you’re trying to achieve, it won’t happen in a moment.

You move towards it one step, one action, one day at a time.

So stop looking for the big bang, the short cut, the lucky break and start moving inexorably towards your goal.

No one can stop that!

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