The-Grind-Comes-BeforeIt’s easy to look at successful people and think that it all came easy for them.

We look at high profile athletes and curse their damned perfect genes, forgetting that they’ve trained for years, maintained a disciplined lifestyle and worked harder than their opposition to get where they are.

We look at famous singers and wonder how they got so lucky, without being aware of the years spent performing in dingy bars perfecting their craft.

We look at iconic leaders and think that they had a dream run to the top, without considering the years of study, the tough decisions, the mistakes they’ve made and the long hours in the office that prepared them for future success.

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking that success comes easily.

It doesn’t!

And don’t think that you are unable to achieve phenomenal accomplishments.

You can!

You want the glory?  Fantastic, go for it.

But don’t forget about the grind first.

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