Are-you-focusing-on-theI live in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

It’s a city that has a reputation for unpredictable and often inclement weather.  The phrase “four seasons in one day” is often used to describe it and it’s not too much of an exaggeration.

We don’t have weather forecasters, just good looking people who give us a vague and often wildly apocryphal description of the conditions we will be experiencing in the next few days.

It’s not uncommon to leave the house in a t-shirt on a perfect sunny morning, only to need a jacket and umbrella by lunch-time.

Alternatively, you can be wearing layers of warm clothing to protect against the wind and rain, only to strip down by mid-morning after sweltering in the heat.

As a consequence, I’ve noticed the way my fellow Melburnians discuss the weather.

Some complain about the constant changes, whilst some embrace the diversity.

Some hate the hot and then when it gets cold, tell you how much they hate the cold.

And there are others who, instead of complaining about the extremes, take advantage of those magnificent moments when the sun shines through.

Life’s a lot like the Melbourne weather.

There is constant change and what starts out as a great day can quickly turn ugly through no fault of our own.

In our lives, we too can experience metaphorical droughts, floods, storms and lovely spring days.

My question today isn’t, “What’s the weather like where you are?”

It’s, “Are you focusing on the black clouds and gale-force wind, or on the moments when the sun breaks through and a rainbow appears?”

Because it’s not your circumstances that will determine your success, but your perspective and response to them.

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