Youre-looking-to-grindActor Jeremy Piven, who plays legendary character Ari Gold in Entourage, was recently interviewed in Rhapsody Magazine.

In this interview, he was asked, “Before Entourage, you had more than 60 on-screen credits without a breakthrough.  Was there ever a time when you felt like giving up.”

Jeremy responded:

You know, I’ve never been a pretty boy.  No one discovered me.  No one has ever run up to me in a mall and said, “You gotta be in front of a camera.”

I’ve never been the physical type for any role.  I’ve always been an underdog.  I’ve had to walk into rooms and change minds and perceptions.  

I’ve done that my entire life.  And I welcome it.  

That’s the way to go.  That’s the journey you’re looking for.  

You’re looking to grind it out and get better.

Because if you’re handed things, you’re gonna take it for granted, and that’s not the long game. 

When you’ve put the work in and overcome all that life is throwing you, it’s just all sweeter.”

What a great quote!

My question today is, are you looking for the quick fix, the instant shot at fame and fortune, the short-cut to success?

Or are you grinding it out, constantly developing your skills and working towards long-term, sustainable results?

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