When-you-experienceOur kids are in the middle of cross-country season at school at the moment.

I love watching them run and seeing them interact with their friends before and after races.

And I’ve noticed that when they get to a certain age, most of the kids start to get nervous.  Madison and Logan (aged 7) don’t really care and neither do most of their friends, but Hayden (aged 10) gets very jumpy in the days leading up to a race and many of his peers do as well.

For those who get nervous, there are two main responses:

  • Some use their nerves as an excuse not to participate.  They may pressure their parents into not taking them to school that day or just intentionally under perform on the day.
  • Others channel their nerves and use the extra energy to run harder and faster.  Instead of giving up, they find a way to push themselves past their anxiety and perform at a higher level.

Nerves and anxiety are a normal part of life.

Some people become overpowered by their fear and use it as an excuse to live an ordinary, average life that doesn’t fulfill their full potential.

Whilst others are able to utilise their nerves to perform extraordinary deeds on big stages and in front of big crowds, displaying a calm demeanour despite the butterflies in their stomachs.

And all of this is a choice.

A choice to shy away, or a choice to engage.

Which choice are you making?

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