Rough-seas-make-greatSometimes, I imagine what life would be like if I had no problems.

If my kids were perfect little angels.

If I had a perfect marriage.

If all of my clients were compliant, easy to deal with and were happy to pay me a lot more money.

If cars and houses didn’t need expensive maintenance.

If I was in peak physical condition (with minimal effort of course).

But it’s not like that.

Because rough seas make great sailors.

I become a better father and husband when I learn to deal with the challenges of family life.

My business gets better when I successfully handle challenging clients.

I learn more about how to look after myself when I get older and my body starts to creak a bit.

I want to become a better person and I want to become a more effective influence in the world.

And that won’t happen if life is just smooth sailing.

So the next time you are presented with a challenging life situation, don’t pray for calmer waters, pray that you become a better sailor.

And in doing so, you will be getting prepared for bigger and better things in the future.

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