The-best-kind-ofThe best kind of motivation doesn’t come from an inspiring speaker.

It doesn’t come from an insightful book or a brilliant blog.

It doesn’t come from a loved one cheering you on.

It doesn’t come from a helpful message from a celebrity.

It doesn’t come from a rags to riches, backs against the wall, against all odds sporting achievement.

It doesn’t come from trying to prove your doubters wrong or from a fear of failure and embarrassment.

It doesn’t come from hearing about the extraordinary deeds of others.

It doesn’t come from a song, or a poem, or a movie with a compelling theme.

The best kind of motivation comes from within.

It comes from that little voice inside your head that reminds you of what you should be doing and why you should be doing it.

The other stuff is nice, but keep listening to the little voice.

It knows what it’s talking about.

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