You-can-be-unstoppableThere are 10 unstoppable forces in the world:

1. A rampaging elephant on the charge.

2. An albatross soaring high above the ocean.

3. A glacier sliding inexorably down a mountain.

4. A flooded river that has broken its banks.

5. A runaway train going down a steep slope.

6. A toddler who really wants that lolly that they can spy in a crowded store.

7. A forest fire in the middle of a hot, windy summer.

8. David Beckham’s free kick for England against Greece in 2001.

9. My wife once she starts spring cleaning (seriously, once she starts nothing gets in her way).

10. A resourceful and resilient person who has a clear goal, a strong purpose and passion to burn.

You may not be an elephant or a glacier, but you can be unstoppable.

Are you?

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