Walk TallWhen life kicks sand in your face, walk tall!

When the voices of your critics are ringing in your ears, walk tall!

When you experience rejection after rejection, walk tall!

When every room you walk into seems to be full of people who doubt you, walk tall!

When you wake up feeling inadequate and insignificant, walk tall!

When you make a mistake, apologise, learn from it and walk tall!

When you are nervous and I’ll-prepared, walk tall!

When everything looks easy for others, but difficult for you, walk tall!

When the challenges of life stare you down and dare you to walk away, look them in the eye and walk tall!

Remember, you are a child of God, made in His image and equipped to do remarkable deeds, giving you every reason to walk tall!

So the next time you are struggling, put your shoulders back, your chin up and walk tall.

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