Dont-pray-for-lighterDon’t pray for lighter burdens, pray for stronger shoulders to carry them.

Don’t pray for a path without rocks or obstacles, pray for stronger ankles to cope with the inevitable twists and turns.

Don’t pray for more opportunities, pray for better eyesight to see the opportunities that are already there.

Don’t pray for a life without fear, pray for a heart with the courage to stand up to anything.

Don’t pray for your critics to become silent, pray for thicker skin to withstand their barbs.

Don’t pray for less complicated problems, pray for a sharper mind and more skilled hands to develop great solutions.

Don’t pray for a smooth downhill run, pray for strength in your legs to carry you to the summit.

Don’t seek better circumstances, seek to become a better version of yourself.

Because there are bigger things in store for you in the future and you need to be equipped to deal with them.  If everything is easy for you now, you won’t be ready.

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