If-you-think-that-youreOn the weekend, Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo amazed us once again with an extraordinary 5 goals during his team’s 9-1 trouncing of Granada.  This included a hat-trick within 8 minutes and his performance was as close to perfection from an athlete as you could expect.

But not according to the man himself.

Ronaldo once said, “If you think that you’re already perfect, then you never will be.”

Despite his obvious talent and natural skill, Ronaldo’s work ethic is legendary.  Since a very young age, he has pushed himself on the training track harder than most of contemporaries, developing his skills and physical capabilities to a level reached by very few athletes.

Others may say that with all of his achievements he can ease up, but he knows that he can’t.  It’s what sets Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, Yo-Yo Ma and other superstars apart from the rest.

So now over to you.

Are you continually pushing yourself to improve?

Are you satisfied with your achievements to date?

Is there more that you can learn?

Do you honestly think that you can rest on your laurels?

When you’re tempted to sit back and say that you’ve made it, remember, “If you think that you’re perfect, then you never will be.”

And then get back out there and keep getting better.

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