Whos-the-fool-The-personWho’s the fool?

The person who is trying to change the world, or the person who laughs at him for trying?

The person who tried and failed, or the person who never tried at all?

The person who’s trying to find innovative solutions, or the person who’s coming up with reasons why they won’t work?

The person who fell in love and had their heart broken, or the person who stayed aloof, alone and hard-hearted.

The person who is (seemingly) recklessly pursuing her dreams, or the person who goes every day to a (seemingly) safe job that they hate for 40 years?

The person in the arena playing the game to the best of his abilities, or the spectator who’s jeering and mocking their efforts?

The person who is trying to learn because they are aware of how much they don’t know, or the person who thinks that they know it all?

So this April Fool’s Day, feel free to be a fool, but make sure that you’re the right kind.

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