Is-it-time-for-you-toHayden’s pet blotched blue-tongue lizard, named Bartlett, recently shed its skin for the first time.

It took a few days of rubbing himself against his rocks and branches and eventually the old skin came off and he emerged with new, brighter and more colourful skin.

Lizards and other reptiles shed their skin to allow for growth.

It’s uncomfortable for them and they can get grumpy during the process, but it’s necessary because as their bodies get bigger, they need to burst through their existing covering into new, larger self.

Is it time for you to shed your skin?

Is it time for you to replace old habits that are holding you back from success?

Is it time for you to replace your small dreams with large, significant aspirations?

Is it time for you to focus less on your problems and more on your opportunities and blessings?

Is it time for you to increase your knowledge, skill or influence?

Is it time for a more colourful and beautiful version of yourself to burst forth?

It won’t be easy, in fact there will be times when you are uncomfortable and wonder why you bothered.

But it will be worth it in the end.

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