Perhaps-youre-being-putWhen Europeans were first confronted by the great samurai warriors of Japan, they were amazed at how hard and effective their katanas were.

What they found out is that when making their famous swords, Japanese blacksmiths would take a piece of steel, apply extreme heat and beat it into shape.

Then they would put it back into the furnace and fold it over, beating it back into shape.

Then they would do it again.

And again.

And again.

Up to 15 times, the katana would be folded and beaten until it was considered ready and hardened for battle, taking up to three months to create a single blade.

Sometimes, life is difficult.

It seems as though you are being beaten down and trodden on.

You wonder what is going on and if you can cope for much longer.

You look to the heavens and ask when it’s going to get easier.

Perhaps you’re being put in the forge for a reason.

Perhaps you’re being hardened for a greater battle.

So hang in there.

You’re not done yet.

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