Madison running with a smile

If you’ve got to do it, do it with a smile!

This week, Madison and Logan had their school athletics day.  It wasn’t anything too dramatic, just a lap around a small track against three other Grade One children.

Everyone cheered and everyone got a ribbon.

One of the privileges of working for myself is that I get to set my own hours and attend these school events and it was nice to see them both run.

Unsurprisingly, Madison won her race and surprisingly, Logan won his, so it was nice to celebrate their wins.

But in the midst of everything, there was something that I hadn’t noticed.

Thankfully one of our friends was there with a camera and she took some photos of Madison running and sent them to Karen.

They show Madison striding out and striving to do her best and in every photo, she had a beautiful smile across her face.

She didn’t just run, she ran with joy.

And importantly, the joy wasn’t from winning, but from running.

Here’s the lesson for today.

If you can do it with a smile, it won’t seem like such hard work.

If you can do it with a smile, winning won’t matter as much.

If you can do it with a smile, you can influence others to smile too.

Well done Madison and Logan on your wins.

But more importantly, thanks for bringing a smile to those around you.

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