The newest addition to our household, Dusty the golden retriever

Last Friday night, we got a new addition to our household, an adorable golden retriever puppy named Dusty.

She has already stolen my heart (look at that face, how could I resist!), but I wasn’t always on board with getting another dog.

I’m pretty sure that it was my wife Karen who started the campaign a few years ago.  Before we had kids, we had two beautiful goldies, Sasha and Larry.  They were terrific pets and were an intrinsic part of our household for many years.

And so the lobbying started.

But I had a long list of valid reasons for not getting a dog.

The twins were still too young.  

We didn’t have time to look after it.  

Do we really need the madness of a puppy in our already hectic schedule?  

I’m not picking up the poo, so until someone else volunteers…

And so the list went on.

Then our oldest son, animal loving Hayden joined in.  He visited a friend of his and sent the whole time playing with his mate’s dog.  He loved it and wanted one for himself.

So my seemingly valid reasons came out again.

Then Madison and Logan joined in and I was surrounded.

They lobbied and I vetoed.

They lobbied harder and I dug in my heels.

Meanwhile, those who knew me just laughed and waited for me to relent, but I still refused.

But the family kept at it.

They researched.

They refuted.

They rinsed and repeated.

For months and then years.

Until Dusty appeared.

I just rolled my eyes and fell in love with her.

So now I have a new companion, who even as I write this post is sleeping at my feet, looking criminally cute.

And I am reminded of the value of asking.

And asking.

And asking.

And never giving up on your dreams and aspirations.

(In case you’re wondering, yes, I do pick up her poo, although I’m not the only one)

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