The-Five-EmotionalI’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and find myself consistently going through various emotional stages, often on an almost daily basis.

I used to be puzzled and frustrated by them. but now I accept and embrace the stages as they seem to be a normal part of blogging for me and possibly are a normal part of the creative process for many people in their field.

So, here are my five emotional stages of blogging:

Panic – I’ve got nothing to write!  How am I going to deliver five posts this week, when I can’t even come up with enough content for one?

Ecstasy – I’ve got one!  This idea could work!  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?  Quick, start writing!

Down to Business – Get those fingers working.  Get that first draft done while the idea is still hot.  Write, re-write, edit, delete, start again, keep writing, get it done.

Self doubt – Almost inevitably, I feel this with every post.  Is it OK?  Will you like it?  Does it make sense?  Did I get my message across?

Relief – The post is finished and scheduled.  I think it’s OK.  That’s another night done, another step on the journey taken.

Quickly followed by, “But what am I going to write for tomorrow?”

And so the cycle starts again.

If you’re a blogger, can you relate to these five emotional stages?

Do they relate to any other aspect of life?

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