Successful-people-askAs I write this post, I’m looking out of my office window at a beautiful sunset.

I’m waiting for a client who has called as his car has broken down on his way home from work, so he will be late for his appointment.

It’s a moderate annoyance as it means it’s going to be a later night than I had anticipated, but the blessing is that I get the chance to reflect on the day that’s just gone and ask myself a few questions.

Was I a good father and husband today?  Was I present?  Did I maximise my time with them?  Do they feel loved and valued as a result of our interactions?

Did I provide great service to my clients?  Was my work excellent?  Did I equip and encourage them?  Did I give them hope?  Did they get more than they paid for?

Was I a faithful follower of Jesus today?  Did my words and actions reflect my faith?  Was I aware of the presence of God throughout my day?

Did I learn something today?  How am I going to apply this?

Am I getting closer to my goals for the year?  Did I take deliberate action that will assist me?

I couldn’t honestly answer all of these questions positively, but it was nice to spend a few moments in quiet reflection and I was better for the experience.

And as the sun finally disappears and I see the headlights of my client’s car announce his arrival, I have one final question for myself.

Was today a good day?

Yes.  Yes it was!

What questions do you ask yourself on a regular basis?

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