Happy birthday Hayden!

Happy birthday Hayden!

I remember it well.

I held out my hand, quivering with fear and anticipation.

And a little hand, no more than a minute old reached out and grabbed my index finger.

“G’day mate.”  I uttered.

And so, Hayden was born.

And I became a dad.

And my life changed forever.

Hayden turned 10 today.

He’s tall and athletic.

He loves animals and doesn’t like girls.

He has a blotched blue-tongue lizard named Bartlett, two goldfish, named Rooney and Cotchy and his animal blog continues to grow.

He loves football (Australian rules and the world game) to my delight, but isn’t quite so sure about basketball, much to my chagrin.

He can play the piano, but he can’t hold a tune when singing.

He’s a good son and a good big brother, and few things get him more excited than when his extended family come to visit.

He loves Jesus and has a very real and personal faith.

Of course he’s not perfect and it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

There have been hospital visits and interrupted sleep.

He has selective hearing and a scattered brain.

But he’s our boy.

10 years old today.

I can’t believe it.

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