Sacrifice Decision11-time world champion cyclist Emma Meares recently told the story of when former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh was the mentor for the Australian Olympic team at the London Olympics.

He told them that athletes make decisions, not sacrifices to be successful.

In Emma’s words, “If you think that having a healthy diet is a sacrifice then you’re wrong, yes moving away from family and spending time on your own is hard, but it’s a decision and you can choose not to do it.”

It struck me that I use the word sacrifice too much.

I tell myself that I sacrifice my evenings and weekends for clients, when I should be saying that I decide to work after hours so that I can see more clients and make more money.

Or I tell myself that I sacrifice my social life and hobbies for my kids, when I should be saying that I decide to prioritise their needs as they are only young once and their needs are extremely important to me.

The problem with using the word sacrifice is that I can easily become a victim and can fall into the trap of begrudging my clients or my kids.

But when I use the word decision, I am empowered as I know that I have made these choices and they are good choices that match my personal and professional values.

Of course I could choose to restrict my availability to clients or put my own needs before those of my kids.

But the reality is that I love what I get to do every day and I love my kids so much that I would do anything for them.

What about you, do you make sacrifices, or decisions?

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