I-do-believe-in-praisingBasketball and sport in general lost one of its great doyens this week with the passing of North Carolina head coach legend Dean Smith at the age of 83.

Coach Smith was a universally respected figure who nurtured the college careers of over 50 future NBA players, including superstars Michael Jordan and James Worthy.

He was a great teacher and leader who led his teams to 2 NCAA Championships and when he retired, had won more games than any other basketball coach in Division 1 college history.

But one of his most influential teachings was the introduction of pointing to the passer, whereby any player who scored a basket would acknowledge the team-mate who gave them the ball.  It’s a habit that is now seen after almost every score on almost every court across the world and is even utilised in other sports as well.

In his own words, Coach Smith said, “I do believe in praising that which deserves to be praised.” 

So do I.

So who do you need to acknowledge today?

Who has helped you to get where you are?

Who has coached and mentored you?

Who has given you opportunities to shine?

Who has assisted you to achieve your goals?

Point to them, acknowledge them, thank them.

And then find a way to assist others to achieve their goals as well.

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