How-do-you-stop-someoneHow do you stop someone who has a purpose?

If you tell them they can’t make it, they’ll just ignore you.

If you trip them over, they’ll get straight back up again.

If you criticise their work, they’ll carry on regardless.

If you put obstacles in their way, they’ll go around, over or through them.

If you tell them their crazy, they’ll just nod in agreement and keep going.

Even if you manage to slow them down, they’ll keep moving inexorably towards their goal.

How do you stop someone who has a purpose?

You can’t!

So if you want to become unstoppable, find a compelling reason to do what you want to do!

Make it significant.

Make it clear.

Make it highly motivating.

Make it your own.

And remind yourself of this purpose every day.

Then get started and watch them try to stop you!

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