Perhaps-its-time-to-stopOK, so you’re thinking about quitting your job, writing that book, moving city or studying that course…

What happens next?

What if your next job is just as bad, your writing sucks, the weather is bad or the course doesn’t teach you anything helpful?

What happens next?

What if you’re unemployed, you’re unsuccessful, you’re unhappy or you’ve wasted your time.

What happens next?

How do you explain it to your family and friends?  Won’t it be embarrassing?  Do you really want to have to walk back with your tail between your legs?  Do you really want to hear them say, “I told you so?”

What happens next?

And after that and after that?

It’s easy to extrapolate the “next,” creating imaginary scenarios that are often diabolical and fear-inducing, giving us seemingly valid excuses for doing nothing.

Perhaps it’s time to stop repeatedly asking, “What happens next?”

Perhaps it’s time to start asking, “What do I need to do now?”

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