Dont-get-complacent-MakeLast weekend, our oldest son, Hayden, was running a hurdles race in an intraclub athletics meet.  Coming up to the last hurdle, he was leading comfortably, but then disaster struck.

He clipped the last hurdle and crashed heavily to the ground, spraining a wrist and losing the skin from both his knees.

Afterwards, he was slightly embarrassed and hurt.  He told me that he must have been complacent, thinking that the race was won and lost concentration.

I ruffled his hair and assured him that he wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last to make that mistake.

Life is similar to that race.

You haven’t won until you’ve overcome the last hurdle.

You may think that you have got the job that you’re after, but you still have the last interview to get through.

Don’t get complacent.

You may think that you have made a big sale, but you don’t have the signature on the contract yet.

Don’t get complacent.

You may think that the first draft of your book is good enough and doesn’t need editing.

Don’t get complacent.

Make sure that you clear the last hurdle and push through to the finish line.

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