Your-body-is-an-idiot-One of the books that I’m reading at the moment is inspirational athlete Kurt Fearnley’s autobiography.  He tells a range of stories including the philosophy of legendary rugby league coach Phil Gould.

According to Fearnley, Gould believed that all athletes had a voice in the back of their minds that told them it was acceptable to take short cuts.  To not run when they were fatigued; to stay down and feign injury so that they could have a little rest; to not dive or get their body in line for a tackle because they might cop a knock.

But winners didn’t listen to that little voice.

They had another voice inside them, drowning it out, telling them to “keep moving” or “go now”.  To play in the moment and give everything and concern themselves only with what that had to do right then and there.

Gould concluded, “Your body is an idiot.  It will do anything you tell it to do.  It’s just a matter of which little voice it listens to.”

You may not be an athlete, but you still have those two little voices.

Which one are you listening to?

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