Elevator PersonEvery single person on the planet is an elevator person.

We either lift others up, or bring them down.

We either look for the positives, or the negatives in our situations.

We either look for reasons to encourage, or to criticise others.

We either help people to achieve their dreams, or we hold them back.

We either coach and develop others, or we stunt their growth.

We either listen to them, or wait for them to stop talking so that we can hear the sound of our own voices again.

And don’t think that you’re neutral and don’t have an impact, because what you say (or don’t say), what you do and how you respond to life has an influence on the people around you, whether you are a charismatic personality or a complete introvert.

So, which one are you?

Are you lifting others up, or bringing them down?

And which one are you surrounded by?

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