Is-there-something-thatTrains are considered by some to be a wonderful, iconic, romantic form of transport (unless of course, they are packed with commuters on a stinking hot summer day in Melbourne, but I digress).

However, they aren’t very flexible or adaptable.

You can go backward or forwards, but the only way you can change direction is to move onto another set of tracks.

Sometimes, I meet people who live as if their life is a train journey.

It takes a lot to get them moving and once they are on a course of action, they can’t (or won’t) change direction, no matter how painful or pointless their current track is.

They may be in a job that they hate, but that’s just the direction that the tracks go in.

They may be unhappy with their health, but instead of doing something about it, they shrug their shoulders and stay on the train.

Is there something that you don’t like about your life?

Remember, you’re not on a train.

You can change direction.

It’s your choice.

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