The-best-results-comeWhen you water the garden, you can’t expect the plants to grow in front of your eyes.

You have to continue to water and care for your garden if it is to flourish in the long-term.

When you exercise, you can’t expect to immediately run a marathon with rippling biceps.

You have to remain disciplined with your regime and diet to reach an elite level of fitness.

When you read a book, you can’t expect to remember every word and suddenly have a brain bursting with brilliance.

You have to continue to read and study, ensuring that over time you build knowledge and expertise.

When you open a bank account, you can’t expect to become an instant millionaire and be able to retire on the interest.

You have to put money aside every week, gradually building a nest egg that will eventually give you long-term financial security.

It’s easy to expect instant results and become disheartened when we don’t get the results that we want immediately.

But the best results come from years of consistent, disciplined and focused endeavour towards specific and measurable goals.

Remember that next time you’re watering the garden.

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