The-proficiency-that-youA professional golfer has confidence when she stands over a 10 foot putt to win a championship because she has done it a thousand times in practice.

A concert pianist walks to the piano in front of a large audience with poise and calmness because he has rehearsed the piece that he is about to play relentlessly.

A surgeon approaches a delicate and complicated procedure on a critically ill patient with assurance, knowing that years of study and careful preparation have given him the skills required to complete this task with aplomb.

A university student sits down at her end of year exam, knowing that she has studied hard and feeling positive about the end result.

One of my favourite bloggers, Scott Dinsmore once mentioned that the day before he delivered his famous TED talk, he practiced his presentation for 12 hours, going through it over and over again.

If you need more confidence for job interviews, sales pitches, public speaking or any other moment in life, learn from the experts and remember that the proficiency that you gain from constant repetition and practice is what gives you the strong foundation of confidence required to perform at an elite level.

I know that some people will suggest that with confidence, you just need to fake it until you make it.

This may work with small, incidental matters, but not with the big moments when you’re under scrutiny and pressure.

You have to practice your skills over and over again until they become instinctive and natural.

You can’t take short-cuts with confidence.

You have to earn it through disciplined focus and hard work.

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