Look-straight-ahead-andOur kids all compete in athletics and it’s a lot of fun watching them each competing and doing their best.

However, watching Madison running in sprinting events has an element of frustration.

Despite the instruction of her coaches and some gentle encouragement from Karen and I, she just can’t help herself and spends most of the race looking left and right at the other runners.

Whilst other runners are focused on the finish line, she loses momentum and costs herself valuable seconds.  There’s no doubt that she is trying her best, but because she allows herself to get distracted, her results aren’t indicative of her capability.

It’s not that big a deal and it’s entertaining to watch when it’s little athletics, but I suspect that there is a lesson here for the rest of us.

Don’t worry about what others are doing.

Don’t get distracted by things that you don’t control and that don’t impact you.

Don’t unfairly compare yourself to others.

If someone else does well and is more successful than you, good luck to them.

Just focus on what you’re doing.

Look straight ahead and run your own race.

Do your very best.

That’s all we can ask of you.

And that’s all you can ask of yourself.

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