Its-action-that-willIt’s easy to make bold proclamations regarding your goals.

It’s easy to tell us how you’re going to change the world.

It’s easy to say, “I love you.”

And it’s easy to say what you’re going to do tomorrow, next week or next year.

Because talk is cheap.

And I should know, because for most of my life I’ve talked a good game, but consistently failed to deliver.

You see, talk is cheap, but action costs you something.

It costs you time.

It costs you energy.

And it demands that you make a sacrifice.

But it’s action that will turn your bold proclamations into phenomenal results.

It’s action that will change the world.

It’s action that will prove your love.

And it’s action that will turn today, tomorrow, next week and next year into milestones of success.

What do you need to take action towards today?

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