Your-job-for-life-isThere was a time when a young person would finish school, start a job in a particular industry (most likely the same one as dad’s) and work there for life.

The same factory, the same office, the same commute and the same boss, until the age of 65 when they would be given a hand shake, a gold watch and then waltz off to retirement.

But times have changed.

Companies downsize, businesses go bust, industries evolve, robots replace people and employees are much more likely to voluntarily change jobs for better pay or more suitable conditions.

So, is there such a thing as a job for life any more?

I suspect that there is but it looks different to previous generations.

Your job for life is simply this:

To maximise your skills, do something that matters and utilise your career to make a positive difference in the world.

If you spend your days pursuing this career goal, you may work for a few different companies and in a diverse range of industries, but there will be one thing that remains the same.

Your life will have a purpose.

Do you have a job for life?

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